Hi There! If you made it to here, please stay! I believe everything happens for a reason, welcome!

For those who don’t know us yet we are Jacqueline and Jeffrey Roder! The person behind the text for most of the posts to come will likely be me, Jackie.

No, we are not famous. We are not influencers, but we wanted to find a forum to share our stories, progression, growth of our family as we progress marriage as newlyweds and as we start growing our family. Originally we thought that Facebook may be the preferred forum, but after thinking through decided we wanted an intentional page for those who want to know more without it being a flood on your timeline.

We are excited you’re here with us and look forward to sharing with you, and hopefully you’ll feel welcomed to engage on upcoming posts.

To Existing Subscribers:

Some of you I am sure are wondering how you are subscribed to this page… it is because this site used to be my former travel blog when I was in my mid- and later 20’s wandering the world and sharing the amazing photos, interesting stories, and providing budget friendly tips for those looking for adventure. Although this blog has diverted to a new path, I assure you the young woman who wrote the blogs you formerly commented, enjoyed and shared, is the same woman writing these and am sure you’ll find some insightful lessons in these posts too.