Everything Happens for a Reason

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I have, however, always wondered why it seems like it takes longer to find that reason than it is for things to end in disarray and confusion.

So Washington D.C., what was intended to be a 50 minute layover to an escape, away from Michigan…away from the chaos of my heart and mind at the time. And I will tell you… I have never felt more hopeless than when I watched the Bowing 737 leave as I ran toward Gate 7 at the Reagan airport. Needless to say 50 minutes turned into an overnight stay, resentment toward American Airlines, and a free ticket to a shuttle and a hotel. But of course… I wasn’t going to allow this unplanned event ruin my evening, or at least not with the era of Uber.

Before the festivities I thought of no better way to kick off the night than at the hotel bar, for the wine of course. So there I sat drinking my wine, and joined by a man who also missed his flight; which I only know because he joined me on the same shuttle to what could have been prison for the night. We laughed about how life takes us for unexpected turns. I should confess that I am not one to talk to complete strangers, but have entertained the idea as of late because how else will I meet new people, learn new things, be challenged?

America is odd. We advocate freedom, the ability to feel safe, protected, liberated- but we question it when the random guy at the bar asks you to join “your adventurous idea of touring this beautiful city.” I risked it, and I am alive to write this so it was safe…in case you cared. And, to be honest it was one of the best trips I have had! We took an Uber to the Lincoln Memorial, it always seems like the best starting point. I will add, that I played the House of Cards theme song the whole Uber ride there, joking with the guy, who was also a HUGE fan, that since I’ve watched the show I have always wanted to go back. And there I was, stars aligned, in D.C.


So I asked myself before I went to bed. Does everything happen for a reason?

Lesson on this trip: Be open for the unexpected turns in the road, even if they don’t go to plan. Life doesn’t wait to happen, it’s happening. I could have very well decided to stay in, sleep and wait in the wee-hours of the morning to make it to my actual destination, but instead I created an adventure, gained more memories and great conversations and stopped at one more place in a 3-day weekend.


Washington D.C. Itinerary: Friday (4/29) Take a shuttle to the airport hotel, took an Uber ($6) to the Lincoln Memorial, & walked to the following: Reflections Pool, National World War II Memorial, Washington Monument, National Museum of History, The DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution, I had earned this honor in high school), The White House, Supreme Court Building, United States Capitol building… I mean it only took four hours to walk to all. But my legs looked/felt good after!

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