Head in the Clouds

It was about three years ago that I was sitting at a table of educated beautiful women traveling the globe promoting a bikini line. The owner of the bikini line joined the table and for the first time he had engaged us girls in serious talks about life outside the modeling world, and shared with us the importance of success in finding what our purpose is. This conversation continues to resonate with me because it was then I had questioned the things I enjoyed doing, the things that I had been working toward (Bachelors in Finance) and the things I was good at (a jack of all trades, master of none). I can confidently say, that I have yet to find my purpose, but am at the most serene point of my life thus far, have had no regrets to date and continuously challenge myself to manifest into a woman I can one day look back and be glad I represented.

I say this, in part to bring some humility to this blog, in that the portrayal of my world endeavors does not mean I have life figured out, if at all it has opened my eyes to a world outside of what I had thought I knew before traveling.

The rolling hills in Gatlinburg Tennessee, and the mountains throughout the scenic view coming in and/out, best represent life. There are peaks and there are valleys, and we can stop at any point along the way and be complacent, but that’s a choice– not right or wrong. We all become complacent at some point.

Gatlinburg, from Michigan a far drive (about 9 hours). But the view when waking up, was worth every second, minute and hour. Imagine waking up looking out to  smoke rising from the mountains and depths of the rolling hills for as long as the eye can see, closest thing to a Fiji bottle I think I’ll get to in the near-future. Never have I saw a view like this, and never had I pictured this landscape within the United States. The Great Smoky Mountains has stolen a piece of my heart.

What was almost as great as the view, is zip lining through it. A mom’s bucket list item and at 52 I’ve learned to give her everything she wanted, but who would have thought zip-lining would have been one. Flying through the mountains was liberating–from every push off of every line it was like my soul was releasing stress, senses overloaded…



I am not one really to eat a bunch when traveling, but I suppose after a 9 hour drive in after work, hiking the next morning through the Smoky’s, touring the cities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and preparing for a 9 hour car ride back I could treat myself to something good, something southern. That brought me to Crockett’s, a staple of Gatlinburg, and when I eat bad, I go all in.



Tennessee Itinerary: Friday (6/3) Drive into Gatlinburg– rented a cottage, wanted to do it right. Saturday (6/4) Zip-lined at Legacy Mountain Zip-lining Tours,Toured the cities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, lunch at Paula Deans, moonshine tasting at Ole Smoky Distillery watched a Mototown show at the Grand Majestic and relaxed at the cottage. Sunday (6/5) Southern breakfast at Crockett’s and drove around the Great Smoky’s National Park for a few hours before heading home.

*Lot of driving, did this in a rental. The locals kept advising to be careful of bears, didn’t see one–although would have liked to, but maybe it’s only because it didn’t happen. Could you imagine my first morning waking up to a bear at the back door, oh my!




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