The Curious Ones Find Adventure

They say curiosity killed the cat…well if I were one at least I would be allowed nine lives. And for the record, my trip to Maine did not kill the cat, it drained my bank account.

So there I sat at Red Lobster eating snow crab legs & lobster tail, wondering how it ended up on my plate, the work it would require, and where it came from. Grabbed the menu, Maine.


Actual Lobster Cought in Maine 

The night life in Portland is on its A-game and I wasn’t even looking for trouble. Just like tall and handsome, there sat the outdoor bar with a 90’s pop playlist, just the way I like it. At the bottom of the fourth Red Bull and vodka glass lied my excuse for not waking up at the 7am alarm for a kayaking trip to the ocean.


Yes I am wearing sweatpants in the photo– that’s what ya’ get from airport to bar

But by noon there I was with three friends on “The Lucky Catch” (the boat), feeding my curiosity on the lobster catching process. In short, dressed up like Dexter’s Laboratory, pony tail on fleek, smelly fish to lure the pinching red seafood and a box dropped to the bottom like Rose’s necklace. Quite simple, but makes perfect sense now why it’s $15 to get to your plate, when you consider the value of time.

The guilty truth…I gained to what felt like at least 10 pounds searching for the best seafood in town. I swear I ate so much seafood I could probably breathe underwater now. No luck, I’ll stick to Red Lobster, or better yet Joe’s Crab Shack.

Trip Lessons:

In a small town with little to do, it is a good idea to do a little research before leaving. CAUTION: Not having plans with four people wanting to do something may cause loss of appetite and fatigue/ aka PMS (yes, men get it too, this trip was proof). Everything outdoorsy (paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, etc.) were already booked for the weekend by inquisitive tourists like ourselves.

Maine Itinerary: Friday (6/17) Fly into Portland, bar hop to local bars/clubs along Commercial Street, arrive at Air B&B house in Freeport. Saturday (6/18) Breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe (expect slow service and everyone staring, must all be regulars wondering what 4 mid-twenty somethings are doing in Maine), drive to Portland to tour/walk the city and boutiques along the water, “The Lucky Catch” lobster tour, cook and eat the lobsters caught at Portland Lobster, walk through the town to East End Cupcakes, slice of pizza at Old Port Slice Bar & Ice Bar, candy from the Gorgeous Gelato, Fort Williams at Cape Elizabeth, Circus Maine, Eventide Oysters, and to Air B&B. Sunday (6/19) Frosty’s Donuts (Lemon Filled, NUMMM), Jewel Falls (I forgot by June water dries up in more shallow areas LOL), some beach in Portland & airport home.


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