Generation Internet

We live in a society where we are constantly changing our standards, changing our minds and upgrading. The only way we stop that is by pausing, taking a minute for ourselves, reflecting and living in the moment. Those who know me best know that I am a shy person. I tend to analyze my surroundings, hope that people initiate conversations and listen. (When I am comfortable it’s a whole different ballgame)
I have grown with the times….technology, that is. A lot of who it is I meet is off of initial conversations from the Internet. I used to feel foolish telling people that, but let’s be honest…we spend a lot of our times at work, with family, with friends and with our phone. So, it would only be natural that in the moments we are on our phones we spark new conversations as a way to meet new people. Well, that’s how I met both Marc (Moore) & Eric (Valdez), both of which me joined my co-worker Jamal and I on a trip to Missouri. Why Missouri? Closest state on a scratch off map (that I hadn’t gone to) with the LARGEST bookshelf in the world, and Southwest had a deal that would have been silly to refuse, $75/each way. What!

The introduction: There the three of us, Jamal, Eric and I sat on the airport bus to Enterprise with the bus driver who was nothing short of comedian. The woman was giving sass to the cross walk guards, and cracking jokes “oh no he didn’t” to any pedestrian that thought her moving bus was going to slow its roll to its destination. Last stop before the rent a car, and there came Marc, young, outgoing and just like his Instagram pics (this is when being honest about what you look likes help…because in person you don’t get the luxury of flying flowers and gray eyes as a filter, which I LOVE by the way). The rest was history– the movie that comes to mind is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, friends for life. Except this trip was a lot of testosterone and me… A whole lotta opinions… For better or for worse, and I don’t see that changing (in case my future husband stumbles on this blog).

As you read in my previous blog (Maine) the not planning with strangers was not going to happen again. This trip, lesson learned. However, you can’t go on a trip and not learn more right?!
The most life changing experience on this trip was jumping off of my first waterfall… I thought jumping out of a plane was going to be difficult and it fooled me, but literally almost backed out of jumping out of a waterfall, and twice. (Take a peak at my IG: @JackieSCraig for a visual representation) Imagine for a minute walking toward the tip of edge of the waterfall…the pressure of the water at your feel strong enough to knock you over and down, pebbles and sharp rocks between your toes, the sound of the loud water to your left as you continue walking, heart pounding that your body aches and your mind telling you this is not a good idea. Literally, convinced myself to walk back toward the car a couple times, enough times where Eric had about enough grabbed my hand and we leaped in…I went straight mermaid plopping out of that water not knowing if I was alive, injured or neither. Longer story short, I was an idiot and did it again just to prove to myself I could do it solo– it’s the stubbornness in me. This experience was followed by a text to my mom who said, “YOU DID WHAT?!” I love how mothers think that texting in all caps after the fact will result in guilt, no I was proud!
Lessons of the trip:
Forewarn new trip goers who the driver will be, in advance. I am pretty sure Eric thought his life was going to end with my hand on the wheel, I mean I do fit the stereotypical bad driver….Asian and female. And I’ll add, there are 3 kinds of passengers (1) the one who wants to drive, or is driving, who wants control of the situation (2) the “I don’t care” and (3) Let’s go to the bathroom and stop every five minutes. Our car in Missouri consisted of the first two, but we made it… And alive (I have the Grinch grin).

When making a decision (like jumping off of the waterfall) ask yourself if you would look back a year from now and wish you would have… If the answer is yes, then do it. I asked myself that exact question when leaping in 50 feet, and the answer was I’d regret it within minutes.
Don’t trust Apple “Notes” with directions. I held down the address entered in “Notes” and it took us to the right address but wrong city, a 3 hour drive out and an hour from the actual place. I’d call this a fail with attitude.
Trust your intuitions and take risks in meeting people, you could miss out on meeting a great person because of fear. The world is not that bad place.
Saturday (7/2) DTW-STL, Brunch @ The Rooster, Bonne Terre Mine Boat Tour (good for any weather condition), Grand Falls (good for jumping off of, just sayin’), Air B&B House with Carrie Cross, & Mosaic (melting pot of all out-of-state clobbers)

Sunday (7/3) Breakfast @ The Mixing Bowl, The Roasterie Air-Roasted Coffee (if not a coffee person, it’s okay it smells great!), The Workhouse (abandoned castle/prison), BBQ @ Arthur Bryant’s (food comes out high school cafeteria style, if that’s your thing), Kansas City Library (Largest Bookshelf in the world & the orgin of the Missouri idea), Nelson-Atkin’s Museum of Art (artwork is not a jungle gym, FYI), Go Ape jungle obstacle course, Glenn’s Cafe (GREAT oysters), a missed-typed address lead us to an hour north of our St. Louis destination, BED.
Monday (7/4) Breakfast @ Crepe Caperae, Bushe Beer Tour, Gateway Arch (both outside & inside (you get to the top taking an incubator to what is assumed to be the method to MARS– now that’s cool)

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