Quick Travel Tips!

The most common questions I get through my social media are related to helpful tips for booking, saving money and in packing. There would be too many things to put in a blog, and quite honestly would probably bore you. So, I have highlighted some things I think are most important, and you can e-mail me specific questions. If there are several similar questions, I will post a follow-up blog. Easy peasy! My e-mail Jackie14Craig@gmail.com.

Where to go? For me it’s places I’ve never been. If it’s just a short weekend trip I travel domestically, and to find places I would start by going to http://www.CityPass.com. This company, has done an excellent job in creating a travel itinerary that allows you entrance to many tourist spots in a one ticket price. If traveling internationally I check two places either Groupon’s travel packages (not that I book their deals, but generally when they are running deals there are more to be found for that idea) or Trip Advisors popular picks. 

Booking a Room? For me, I am a solo traveler, who wants to spend as little time as possible in the hotel room. For that reason I choose Air B&B. I select based on area where most tourist areas are, not only is this easy walking distance, but it makes it cheaper to use public transportation. Note: there are booking filters so you can rent the whole house, and know if you share a common bathroom, etc. If sharing a home isn’t your jam, then I check the following two sources (1) Groupon for hotel discounts in the area and (2) Trip Advisors hotel. Check hotel reviews from the last three months before booking a cheap hotel, sometimes you get what you pay for, but if you do your research you get more than what you pay for! P.S. Asking for a free breakfast ticket can go a long way.

Need a Car? Have a Costco membership? It provides more than grocery sales, they have Costco Travel, via website, where you can search for a car, choose the pickup/drop off area, you can book a car at one price and if the car price drops then you can cancel your original booking and then re-book, at no charge to change. Additionally, you don’t pay for your car until you arrive. If you’re staying in the city, most cities have a 7-day pass and have transportation busses to/from main city that often times is cheaper than renting a car. If renting a car.. the most clean, comfortable and affordable has been Enterprise. I recommend looking at Hotwire, but note that sometimes this site has hidden fees, so I always call to get the bottom line number. Also note: most credit cards have car insurance coverage for rentals, call in advance and use that card when booking. I’ve learned that this provides the same coverage the car companies try to sell you when you get your booked car. As a side note, I prefer Uber to Lyft. I like that I don’t have to feel obliged to tip, Lyft presses for tips.

What to do when you get there? For activities a good start is Trip Advisor, read the top 10 tourist favorites. For food, download YELP and search by price, then ratings. If you are trying to find “out of the box” activities and more outdoor activities I suggest pulling out the good old map and look for mountains and lakes and google those areas to find what national parks and paths surround those areas. 

You want an excursion? Sites like Viator are a gold mines. Not only do they look to cover all tours in the area, they also have the BEST customer service. Other favorites: Groupon, CityPass.com, Wow-air and Trip Advisor. As you become skilled using this apps you’ll discover which types of things you like to do and find other apps that suites your needs. If you are traveling places I’ve been I would love to help let you know what I’ve done. 

Here’s a solid start! If you are looking for more, feel free to e-mail me your questions, Jackie14Craig@gmail.com. I can also be found on Instagram and Twitter: @JackieSCraig 

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