April Giveaway! Unisex Travel Jewelry!

Thanks to those who have supported me through my travel blog and my Instagram, I have been fortunate to collaborate with some of my favorite IG’ers in giveaways. This one being the first for 2017! 

April Giveaway: A My7Gen unisex bracelet! “7 Gen” is short for Seventh Generation. My7Gen is a concept that urges the current generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation and decide whether the decisions we make today would benefit our children seven generations in the future. Owner of My7Gen says his company,  “is building a community to inspire people to travel,meet people and experience memorable experiences.”

My Story with My7Gen: I have been following My7Gen on IG for about 6-10 months, yes stalking them waiting for the release of their bracelet (hehe). As most of you know in 6-10 months I travel quite a bit and was becoming quite envious of the photos posted on their IG (IG Name:My7Gen), because I couldn’t get an order yet. For my birthday my boyfriend surprised me with my long anticipated wait for the bracelet! With high satisfaction of quality and even a stronger company mission/message the company wanted me to share with you all! I have two to give away, one for the month of April! Here’s how…

Want your FREE My7Gen Bracelet & Spread Both My Dream to Grow My Blog While Spreading the Message of My7Gen? Here’s How!: (1) Subscribe to my blog http://www.Jacqueline Craig.com, (2) DM me on IG your e-mail you subscribed with so I can verify (IG Name: JackieSCraig) and (3) Save one of the images from the “My7Gen” IG & post to your IG and tag “My7Gen” and “JackieSCraig”! 

A winner will be selected on April 16th! The more you post and tag on IG the greater your changes. Plus, subscribing now will increase your changes to more giveaways soon to come! 

Thank you all for your support! And, look forward in you helping me spread the positive message of My7Gen! My7Gen: http://www.My7Gen.com, IG: My7Gen! 

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