Cherry Blossoms, or Not?

-Sometimes I plan trips and they don’t go as expected.

-Sometimes what it is I expected to do on my trips doesn’t end up working out, but that’s okay.

The reason for the impulse trip to Washington D.C. was two-fold: (1)  My boyfriend and I had just finished binge watching House of Cards on Netflix, and thought a quick trip to Washington D.C. would be our reward, and (2) finishing House of Cards landed right at the peak of cherry blossom season; those Instagram pictures of the cherry blossoms blooming around the world got me, bad. 

With just an eight hour drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan, we decided that we should treat ourselves to a pre-summer weekend trip.  I mean if we can laugh, cry, and debate House of Cards, we can handle an 8 hour road trip right? 

Things to know:

-Pittsburg is the half way point; I have always found breaking up the car ride benefits all… able to grab a bite to eat, stretch the legs and enjoy other cities along the journey

-Tolls in Pennsylvania take cash only, and to go across to/from Washington DC is about $20/each way; if you forget it, they take down your license plate and you have 30 days to pay… or else.

-Washington D.C. has a cherry blossom festival that lasts the month of April. The peak of the festival lasts about a week, so if you don’t time it just right, no cherry blossoms.

Having planned our trip last minute, we arrived April 15.  To our disappointment we missed the cherry blossoms because it was too warm.  Who would have thought that warm weather would cause cherry blossoms to hide?! 

But, I’m the proof in the pudding… our perception of happiness is what we choose to make it. Matt and I certainly didn’t let the lack of cherry blossoms affect our trip, in fact, we were able to enjoy other things in D.C, our walk and pit stops along the way will be for another blog. 

Trip lesson: when planning with Mother Nature, do your research. If there is one thing we can’t do, it’s to change what naturally will happen. Second, enjoy the ride. Life’s too short to be disappointed if something doesn’t happen the way we want it. In fact, when I reflect on the best experiences it’s the times that were unplanned that stick out the most. Deviating from what was supposed to happen doesn’t mean we did something wrong, it means we did something that our heart was saying could be better. Following that, can lead to an adventurous life… and that’s the life I enjoy living.


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