Summer Destinations 

Lately, the two most common questions asked are (1) where are you going next and (2) how do you decide where you’re going to go. This blog will quickly cover both, and hopefully motivate you to think creatively to come up with a trip of your own. If you need help, I love what I do…in helping sharing my stories with you, but also help provide travel tip planning advice if you want to make a trip of your own. 

For me, this summer is filled with new places I’ve never been and bucket list items I’ve put off long enough. With the mid-west now covered in a weekend distance by car, from Michigan, I have had to plan ahead on trips and think out of the box on affordable ways to do it. That said upcoming trips are: Hawaii, Miami, Vegas (for the Backstreet Boys & a girls trip of course!), Mt. Rushmore (in an RV) and Charlotte (because it came up for the top 10 places to go per Trip Advisor, duh hehe). If you’re interested how they go, I will not only be posting the itineraries and sharing thoughts through this blog, but will be doing Instagram stories with you to share the experience (@JackieSCraig). 

Now, how do I decide on where to go? Easy, where I haven’t been before, and what I can make affordable on a weekend trip. Maintaining a full time job, while traveling wanderlust is a tough balancing act, I must say. Additionally, the further and further I get away from home, the more expensive it gets. Traveling on a budget further away involves: planning ahead, packing light and traveling in groups to split costs.

Objective: I challenge you to make a list of 10 places you want to go that you can drive within 6 hours to, whether you have been or not. Start opening your mind to the idea that you can make a trip for yourself, you deserve a trip. Fly free bird! 

Personal Favorite Summer Designations: Gatlinburg (TN), Cedar Pointe (OH), Niagara Falls (ON), Pittsburg/Gettysburg (PA), Chicago (IL), Orlando (FL) and Four Corners (AZ).

Vote in the comment section: Should I start making videos on each trip, and post on YouTube? In other words, would you follow?! Life decisions, friends! 

One thought on “Summer Destinations ”

  1. I REALLY like your challenge! Also, of course I would follow YouTube vids! Visuals are always awesome!

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