Planning for Hawaii 

I must admit, I have never had such a tough time planning a trip as I have for Hawaii. As much as I travel that is saying a lot. I don’t say that to boast, but to inform that if you have Hawaii on your bucket list plan on traveling in advance. This isn’t a moment’s notice type of gig.

This trip planning started with calling a lifeline, aka Twitter family. You guys and gals, those of you who follow me on here and there, came through on the clutch.

To be honest with $1k invested in this trip to Hawaii next week, I couldn’t even tell you with confidence I know the islands of Hawaii or know for certain what other options I truly had. What I did found out are the following:

– There are 5 main islands: Hawaii Island, Kauai, Lanai, Maui and Oahu

– Each island in Hawaii has a different terrain and reason that bring in tourism.

– Oahu is known for the state’s capital Honolulu, which is for those who are trying to have a city trip but the perks of being on the island; very expensive

– Maui known for the white sandy beaches, a romantic area most commonly visited by those on their honeymoon

– Kauai known for their waterfalls

– Hawaii Island known for their volcanoes and black sand beaches

If booking around February, I found the cheapest island to be Hawaii Island. I am to assume that when people go on trips to “Hawaii” they are picturing beaches and “island” vibes, but this island offers more of a rough terrain. That said, this is the one booked. Total cost per person (if booking for two, this trip will be my mom and I) was $1,300. This includes: Flight (Detroit>Minneapolis> Seattle> Kona), Hotel at the Marriott in Kona and Car for 5 days and 4 nights through Delta Airlines. If you’re looking for a “good friend discount” message me in the comment section.

Note that the cost above does not include the various excursions that you can experience while on the island. And I should add, Honolulu offers the most excursions, which I am not surprised since everything there is so damn expensive! I am not rich. Count me out on visiting the capital this trip!

I did, however, purchase a few excursions (spent what I would have saved through booking to a different island) and they are: Submarine & Luau and the Hawaii Grand Circle Tour (a 13-hour day tour that takes you around the Island to show volcanoes, waterfalls, the rainforest, nut plantations, etc.). As I visit and do these tours I’ll make sure to post separate blogs, to keep you in on the pros/cons and my evaluation as to if the price seemed worth it, or not.

Below are few wise words from those who have traveled throughout various places in Hawaii, a/k/a my Twitter family lifeline:

– @mkgoblue- Maui for a romantic trip, stay on the Kaananpali side near Lahaina

– @HerakMarty- Kuwaii was more rural, less populated you will need a car to get around. Honolulu is crowded but good if looking for a place where you can walk from place to place. Pearl Harbor  tour and a sunset cruise is a must do.

– @alisia_vantine- The Big Island “Hawaii Island” has two main cities Kona, where the tourists stay and there are more beaches and Hilo, where there is a rain forest and waterfalls

– @j_borders- Maui is good for beaches, Kuaui for hiking, and Hawaii Island for volcanoes. Oahu is a mix of all of the above, recommended.

Thank you to those who gave recommendations!

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    1. I get a lot of my travel discounts through the reward programs and the last minute trip planning through Delta. I have three referrals I can give for the Delta Gold card. If approved will give 35,000 miles and an additional $100 statement refund if a purchase is made on If interested, let me know. The main perk of the card, though, is that it allows free luggage; that pays for itself with the luggage fees now. Part of the reason why I always carry-on.

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