Annual Mother/Daughter Trips

What I have learned in my 26 young years on this earth is that we should concern ourselves with quality, not quantity. I have too learned that the meaningful relationships I have built are worth the additional work and effort. 

Since 2014 the relationship I have been working to build is that with my mother. As we age, sometimes we drift a part from those relationships that have the strongest bond; that with family. 

  • 2014- Southern Spain
  • 2015- Philippines
  • 2016- Australia & New Zealand
  • 2017- Hawaii Island

I write this not to boast of my travels and growing relationship with my mom, but to serve a moment to self-reflect on your most meaningful relationships. And ask, what can I do to invest in that more, and to allow the relationship to grow? And, to share a piece of me with you.

Where was this photo taken? Read “3 Waterfalls You See on Hawaii Island.”

Life lesson learned in Hawaii: Live in the moment. I am one who constantly thinks and plans the next move, and sometimes I have forgotten the purpose of the trip, which is to live in the moment and appreciate each moment with my mom. This can be applied in every day life… we can go through the motions of our agenda and forget purpose. The life lesson is to take time throughout the day to appreciate where you are now and what you have while you have it. This trip, with many beautiful scenic routes will be one that lives on, but the parts I will remember the most will be the unplanned parts: buying fresh lychee from a farmer, drinking fresh coconut water from the actual coconut and eating the coconut meat afterward, getting coffee and refreshed by “the best day ever, Steve,” running in/out of the hotel pool to cool down from the sun , seeing lava light up the night sky from a volcanoe 2 hours from our hotel,  and eating healthy breakfasts at a nearby open window restaurant near the hotel.

2 thoughts on “Annual Mother/Daughter Trips”

  1. I am so lucky and very proud to have you as my daughter. You’ve always been focus towards your future and your career and yet you always make sure that you’d find a time for our Mother/daughter trip, I want you to know that I appreciate that and I will never ever take for granted the time that we spent together and all the planning that you do on all of our trips. I’ve never have to worry about the flights, hotels, and transportation because you’re the one who arrange everything. Thank you! By the way… forgot about our first trip which was London and Paris.

  2. Aww Jackie, this definitely makes me want to take my mom for a trip with me! 🙂 Love it. #Iwantthatbracelet 😛

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