When It Rains, It Pours- Learn to Dance in the Rain (Miami)

When trying to travel on a budget, sometimes planning in advance is necessary. The risk in planning ahead is the unknown nature of the weather. And, let’s be honest even if the Weather Channel anticipates good weather 2 or 3 months out, it’s best guess. The key, though, is learning to dance in the rain.

Miami Beach, the first trip with both mom and boyfriend. I didn’t know how that was going to go, and how I would appropriately split my attention to make everyone feel included; luckily that wasn’t an issue– the nice thing when they both respect and like each other. 

So for why you are reading this blog…. you’re planning a trip (or going to, you just don’t know it yet) to somewhere warm, and because you’re on a budget you need to plan ahead. But what happens when you arrive to that place and it’s raining? Make the most of it. For us, we walked around the beach (yes while it rained in 30 minute intervals) and enjoyed what Miami Beach had to offer, and then walked along the shops/food venues that run parallel to the beach. After walking back, feeling like a wet dog– Matt and I decided that we were wet any way, so we decided to go to the warm ocean water for a swim. Let me tell you… I have yet to feel in tune with nature than that day… in the ocean, with rain falling. Little people around and letting the waves push and pull us closer to the depths of its beauty. A true experience, and nothing that we had to pay for… can’t beat that! 

If you are planning to go to Miami Beach and it still is raining, I would recommend their Big B Night Bus Tour (separate post coming). It is worth the $30/per person to get the back ground, tour and insight on not only Miami Beach, but the city of Miami. And, for you celebrity followers, you get to see some of the rich and famous’ homes. 

Despite the unplanned weather, that caused for impromptu planning, Miami/Miami Beach is a hidden gem and quite the melting pot. Although we only spent the weekend there, the culture, food, and relaxing beach environment is something that I would recommend to come visit. And if you’re wondering if it’s worth the cost from Michigan for just the weekend, it is. Even if Mother Nature decides rain is on the schedule.

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