5 Non-Traditional Things to Do in Vegas for 20-30 Somethings

Preface: Thank you Katie, Lisa, and Emily for a great trip and inviting my non-traditional Vegas self along to enjoy this journey with you all! 

When one of my girl friends invited me to do a girls’ trip to Vegas my initial thought was this trip probably was one I would sit out. First, I am not the stay out late, sleep in, type-of-girl. Second, I have been one to enjoy more serene places that involves cozy coffee shops, small mom/pops novelty stores, and natural scenic landmarks. 

Little did I know Las Vegas would mark a place in my heart for some non-typical stops for 20/30 somethings. 

1. The Fremont Strip

This is the original Vegas strip. You likely have seen this strip in some of the action/gang movies, where the inside of the strip is illuminated in thousands of neon signs. Also home to the Golden Nugget, Binion’s , and Four Queens. 

Binion’s is where you can find roulette tables for a minimum $2 hand, perfect for people going to Vegas on a budget, but want to experience a little gambling. This was my first time playing at a table, and found it quite fun, especially when the losses are $2, rather than those on the main strip being $25 on the weekends. 

Also at Binion’s you can play hide-and-seek for the $1M in a glass case. I mean, what a waste though, $1M just sitting for everyone to gawk at. Admittingly, Katie and I were those people.

AND… as if the above wasn’t enough, Fremont has affordable all you can eat buffets. Among the old casinos lie $9.99 buffets.Good luck finding that on the new strip. 

2. Bring Back the 90s with the Backstreet Boys

And, the selling ticket for why this trip was booked. The three girls that I joined were celebrating their dirty 30, and what better way than to celebrating while seeing the Backstreet Boys at Axis! 

Now, if you thought that they must be too old to put on a good show, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they all had it going on. Fit, dancing, and singing their 90s hearts out. The show was approximately 2 hours, and held at the Axis theatre inside Planet Hollywood. And, if going with the right planners, you’ll find your hotel room just a single story above the theatre to make the experience all the better.

The BSB show has been extended into the 2018 calendar year, so if you’re interested, this would be highly recommended! 

3. The Mob Museum 

Did you know that Las Vegas became what it is today due to the gang/mob scene, spreading from New York to Nevada? 

When traveling, I have found it quite fascinating learning different cities origins, demographics, and unique characteristics. The Aside from the iconic “Vegas Strip” I had not known, really, what made Vegas, Vegas. Until now. 

First, I will say it is best to visit the museum first thing in the morning when it opens. It allows a unique and quiet perspective. To start, classic music plays outside the steps of the museum, which honestly was quite lovely as Katie and I were waiting for the museum doors to open. Yes, two ordinary 20/30 somethings excited to be the first that day to learn Vegas’s history. #nerds. Second, if you’re not educated on gang history I would highly recommend you rent the audio guide. This added at least an hour to Katie and my two hour stay. Unlike some museums, the audio books were brief, entertaining, and to the point. Last, go when you have at least two hours to dedicate. There’s enough there, but to truly appreciate what the museum has to offer, it involves the interactive sections, along with the various movies. 

Thank you Katie for the recommendation and letting me in on your morning plans! 

4. Beer Pong at Margaritaville (New Strip)

The Vegas strip provides a lot of opportunities to eat, rest, drink, and gamble. But, how about brining parts of college back? Tucked away in Margaritaville was $30 beer pong. This was certainly the remedy to four exhausted (106+ degrees) girls looking to mix drinking with some fun. 

From the left: Katie, Lisa, & Emily (Not that you need to know, but we so copied this idea off another group)

5. The Original Las Vegas Sign

On the southern end of Las Vegas lies the Original Las Vegas Sign. Built by 1959 by Bettie Willis. This sign, that is seen in many old action films is a reminder that the city is older than the lavish hotels that lie on the new Vegas Strip. 

The last morning on the weekend trip to Vegas, Katie and I woke up early to catch a glimpse of the Vegas sign. My initial thoughts: it was smaller than I thought, being 9:30 in the morning the line to get a photo next to it was longer than I wanted to wait, and last was… why had I not seen Elvis yet? 

Few quick things: If you are using Uber, getting dropped off here is easy. If you’re looking to get picked up, however, anticipate at least a 25 minute wait. The sign is on the southern most part of Vegas, where there is not much going on. Also, beat the tour buses initial start time at the, now, historic sign, which starts at 10am. And, there is an Elvis, but evidently the Vegas heat in June gets to the King, and he prefers to wait in his car with A/C until someone asks for a photo. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. 

Trip Takeaway:

Each trip I learn something new about myself, a little reason why it is I enjoy going on trips often. What I learned this trip is that my non-traditional self should be happy doing what I want, no matter the expectation even if it’s “Vegas.” 

2 thoughts on “5 Non-Traditional Things to Do in Vegas for 20-30 Somethings”

  1. Love it!!! The boyfriend and I have always wanted to touch Vegas at least once. Vegas Vacation style like the Griswalds!! JK In all seriousness this gives us some great ideas for the future!!

    1. There are other more traditional things to do when you do decide to start planning. Definitely recommend staying at Planet Hollywood. Cheapest you’ll find on the main strip, sound proof walls, and close to most everything.

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