Finding Your Inner Child- BSB!

Unlike my other posts, this one is to remind you that we all have those memories we had as kids. And, when opportunities present themselves, take life by the horns and go for it! Life is short, and it’s in those moments reflecting back that we can find, again, purpose and the important things in life: to live, laugh and love. 
Isn’t it funny that when we are younger we aspire to be the adult, be allowed to do the things our parents can do: drive, drink, ride roller coasters, etc. Then, when we are older we want to relive our childhood memories.
I’ve found that a lot of what I like to do roots back to when I was younger. What I’ve found interests me the most is learning about places I’ve never been, understanding people native to those areas, and adjusting to things that I don’t know. Often times, this comes with many museums, audible tours, and reading. The irony, history was my least favorite subject up until 11th grade (thank you Mr. Miloser). 
My 2017 trip back to my childhood… the Backstreet Boys. I take you back to my first concert as a 10 year old to their Black and Blue Concert and the (R.I.P) Silverdome. Yes, I was one of the many girls that flooded arena thinking that one of the boys would one day be my boyfriend. With all the screaming I am surprised that I didn’t lose my voice… for good. Nevertheless, I remember it was one of my highlights in my childhood: dancing, singing, loving life, surrounded by both my parents, and living in every part of the moment. No phone, and no worry in the world.
Fast forward, now 26 years young excited and willing to pay the $180 concert ticket to relive that memory over again. And, let me tell you… it did not disappoint. There’s a feeling when you’re belting out on the top of your lungs with 20/30 somethings that remind you, life is as good as we choose to make it. 
High level highlights: 

– Average ticket prices $180/per ticket (when purchasing 3 months ahead) 

– Concert held at Axis in Plant Hollywood, Vegas

– No acts before the concert 

– 20 minute intro before the actual concert starts, honestly found this part quite annoying…I was there to see the actual guys and the first 20 or so minutes was recap on all the music videos they became famous for

– Concert lasted about 2 hours 

– If you want the best seats, I’d recommend the last row in the lower level; those sitting here pretty much got serenaded for at least half of the concert

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