Northern California Itinerary (San Fran, Yosemite, & Sequoia)

Let’s be honest when you’re limited on vacation days, optimizing trips around bank holidays is essential. Well if you work in the banking industry, that is. Here’s my itinerary for the trip to Northern California! 
Day 1: (Saturday)

DTW (6am) > SFO (10am) 

Pick Up Budget Rental 

Check in to Air B&B, Park at BERT Train Station ($5.75/day)

Walk to Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco Dungeon Tour 

Madame Tussaud’s Museum 

Tik Tik Thai Food 

BART Train to Air B&B

Day 2 (Sunday): 

BART Train Station to Fisherman’s Wharf 

Purchased Big B Bus Tour Tickets 

Golden Gate Bridge

The Painted Ladies (Full House Homes) 

China City (Half a day wandering) 

Big B Bus Tour Back to Fisherman’s Wharf 

Walked Along Pier 39 

BART Train to Air B&B

Day 3 (Monday): 

Drove from San Francisco to Sequoia National Park (Approx. 5 Hours)

Attempted to Set Camp at Buckeye Flat Campground, but Forgot Poles 

Toured Giant Forest Museum to Find Food 

Went to Get Camp Food 

Slept in Car 

Day 4 (Tuesday):  

7am to German Forest Trail 

Visit the German Tree Before the Crowd 

Breakfast at Lodgepole Visitor Center

Sequoia Bus Transit to Moro Rock 

Moro Rock Hike 

Hiked from Moro Rock to Tunnel Log 

Tunnel Log and Shuttle Back to Lodgepole

Drove to Fresno (Approx. 2 Hours)

Bought a $25 tent at Walmart 

Stayed at an Air B&B

Day 5 (Wednesday): 

Visited R.E.I. 

Headed toward Yosemite National Park (Approx. 5 hours)

Entered West Side of Yosemite 

Pitched tent at Junction Campground 

Ate Dinner at Whoa Nellie Deli 

Came Back to Campground 

Day 6 (Thursday): 

7am Woke Up North Dome Trail 

Lunch at Whoa Nellie Deli 

Walked Buck Meadows to Find Deer (Found Many!)

Dinner at Whoa Nellie Deli 


Day 7 (Friday): 

6am Left for San Francisco 

10am San Francisco Segway Tour 

Scoma Restaurant (BEST Clam Chowder)  

Walked Pier 39 

Checked in to Air B&B in Sunnyvale (Approx. 1 Hour)

Day 8 (Saturday): 

8am Left for San Francisco 

2pm Alcatraz Tour 

Pier 39 for Corn Dogs 

Twin Peaks 

San Francisco to SFO Airport (30 mins)

SFO (11pm)> DTW (6am) 

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