First Impressions of Connecticut 

I’ll preface this blog post with saying, my intention of going to Connecticut was to tour the inspirational places for the show Gilmore Girls. That said, take my suggestions with a grain of cornstarch, or coffee (that was a joke, for Gilmore fans).

1. The Roads are Fabulous– For a state that is near the coast, experiences winters like those in Michigan, I was extremely impressed by the smooth and flawless roads. I don’t know if the state gains from tax dollars from those who attend Yoll-eh (Yale), but this is my story and I’m sticking to it. You could count on one hand the number of cracks/pot holes through the roads from west to east. A+ on that. 
2. Cops Everywhere- If you’re interested in committing crimes, this state is not for you. At least Friday night at 8:30p (was when we arrived and we’re leaving the airport). Katie and I passed at least 10 cops getting to our Air B&B in New Haven. Buckle up, and drive the speed limit, 65mph.

3. Every Day is Winding Road- If you get dizzy, like to drive fast, and/or don’t pay much attention while driving, I wish you well. The roads wind in and out, sometimes weaving in a complete circle. 

4. Small Town Feels- If you’re used to franchises, and don’t like to drift away from your scheduled McDonalds routine- you better have gas to drive a little ways. It appears, Connecticut is focused on local eats and prides itself through small mom/pops stores. Honestly, this was quite refreshing.  

5. No Billboards- I am convinced the state wants to honor the small town living, and doesn’t want big picture dreams. So… no billboards, no endorsements on the side of the road, and no advertisements to get off the exit for some exciting tourist attraction.

Overall summary, the state is very quaint, kind, and small-town living. The state is clean, dressed very conservative, and speaks very educated. For an Ann Arbor liberal, who prefers traveling with one pair of shorts, a tank and a messy bun, it was a culture shock– but the Gilmore Girls itinerary was checked, and was definitely worth the trip!

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