Where Has She Been?

You’ll be happy to know, we are back to the scheduled show! I have been postponing and pushing off some updated blogs because… I just purchased my first home September 22nd!

For now, this will slow down the posts, as I acclimate myself to new expenses, time budgeting with new responsibilities, but after all… this is life!

I look forward to transitioning my blog to a new platform where I can truly focus on budget travels, especially with these new expenses that some of you do realize each month which limits for traveling!

I have had many e-mails and DM’s suggesting some new blogs, which I look forward to tackling! Please don’t be discouraged in messaging me ideas, or leaving comments on each of my posts.

Jackkiiiieee’s back!

Although I am  not going to list where I have moved to, I am still a resident of MICHIGAN. Can you believe it? After all this time of traveling to find a potential home, I have found home to be where I started. I sound like a motivational quote, but it’s true. What other place can you: enjoy the four seasons, be surrounded by 5 lakes that allow different traveling experiences, be near a Delta hub that connects to nearly every state, and be marketed by Tim Allen.

Michigan is home!

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