Thought About a Life Coach? New Year Resolution Investing in You?!

I am not a good New Year’s resolution-er, is that even a word? You get the point. I am like millions of other people who have historically created meaningless goals going into the New Year, related to gym, food, and money. But like most, after I stop hitting my personal goals it becomes easier to let go of the goal altogether.

2017 was different for me. I had personal goals that were a bit more tangible, with a lot more passion. I decided I would spend the year focusing in all things “me.” As selfish as it sounds I walked into the new year comfortable on who I was, but confused in terms of where I was headed. I didn’t set out to make any New Year’s resolutions, but set the goal to be more aware of my surroundings, people, situations, how I handle(d) those situations, truly listening to words, and their intent, and most importantly I told myself to follow my heart.

Awareness, brought to me peace, love, happiness, and belonging. And, my inner balance to draw in happiness and respect.

Awareness, brought me Doris Hage who was going to end up being my life coach. Have you heard of soul mates? She is one. I had originally met her when she was job placing me to Fox 2, but past her always guiding me she was always been an instant connection of my inner being, inner self. Without having to say much (as surprising as it is, I often don’t know how to vocalize what I am truly trying to say), she got me. She ended up leaving the job where I met her, and started following her passion, being a life coach. Aiding people to self discovery, meaning, and understanding.

I am not paid to tell you about her, or about my experience, but it was by far the best investment I made to myself. Did I end up starting on January 1st, no. I started when I was ready. In an effort to share my tools in life, I share with you her contact information if interested in making an investment in yourself: Her program varies based on what you’re looking to accomplish, but on average is a 3-month program, with a weekly 1-2 hour meeting.

  • Before even starting the coaching she sits with you to learn about you; why you feel your time is now
  • Has a personalized quiz to find where there are barriers in where it is you’re headed
  • Personalized month-by-month breakout of breaking those barriers; I failed at following this, Doris and I followed what felt authentic to me, which was following my gut in things that were regularly changing in order to find consistency and balance
  • She had made herself available for calls and texts when I just wanted an unbiased opinion and wanted to talk through my talks; which is what ended up helping finding what my true barriers were not just what I thought

To this day, she is someone who makes herself available and someone I can now consider as a friend. It has been rare that I have had people come in who just get me, and know how to communicate their thoughts that motivate me to be better, but I realize we aren’t all made this way. This is her gift, and having now finished my program and now more at peace than I’ve ever been, want to share this gift with you.

If there are questions for me, leave a comment!

One thought on “Thought About a Life Coach? New Year Resolution Investing in You?!”

  1. A lot of successful people I know choose one word every year instead of “resolutions”. Your word might be “awareness”. It keeps you focused on a state of mind rather than one spur of the moment goal we made on new year’s eve 😊🙃

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