Hello Ms. MIA, Where Have You Been?

I was asked recently asked at a Toastmaster’s meeting, “what do you procrastinate on?”

Honestly, this question took me a bit off-guard. I’ve always considered myself on top of things I am passionate about, and my gut clenched at what I took as a negative question to answer in front of the group, which usually I try to dodge. It was in a quick few seconds I found my truth…

I procrastinate on things I am most passionate about. I quickly sped through things I’ve been procrastinating on:

  • my travel blogging
  • my preparation of public speeches
  • reading
  • growing my personal business

But why?

So I answered to the group… I have a genuine fear of the things I’m passionate about and what motivates me, drives me, makes me happy… to have an expiration date. I keep kicking the can at unused potential than to see it in fruition and eventually that adrenaline, rush of excitement to wear away.

I share this because I’ve realized that as of late I have done a lot of self-reflection, self-assessment, and self-improvement. Inadvertently this has caused me to further delay my blogs, which truthfully has been one excuse for why not instead of what blog is next. I have personally challenged myself to challenge myself to get back to doing what I love… and if I discover that what is a current passion loses flame, then I’ll find a new one or further develop myself to find a deeper purpose for personal growth.

On a deeper level…me spending this time with myself has caused me to step away from a lot of things. I’ve found it easiest to go in my metaphorical “cave” (for those who have read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus know what I mean…yes, I relate more to a man’s preference to find answers solo than to discuss the emotions).

My first step to bouncing back to potential… a Youtube video. My personal attempt at being more vocal, honest, and transparent in what I am doing. My personal delivery in trying to reach out each of you in RAW form (unedited) so you can get to know me past the black and white text, and an attempt to break the social norm right now of being “followers” of one another, and having no idea who really is on the other side of the phone.

About Me

With an upcoming trip to Ireland, and some trips mapped on the calendar, I’ll be back in a more purposeful way… you just watch!


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