Glass Half Full! (20 Weeks Pregnant)

Fam, we can’t even believe it… we are already half way through pregnancy with our first baby!

Flashback, we got married October 2020. Beginning of January I had a surgery scheduled that both Jeff and I decided we wanted to get done prior to removing my IUD (birth control) and trying for a baby. End of January my doctor cleared me from my surgery and the IUD was taken out. And if we are doing the math right, with expecting baby Roder November 28th 2021, we got pregnant within a month of trying! I say this in excitement because my OBGYN prepared us given our ages (30 & 36, currently) and because I have been on birth control for so long that we shouldn’t expect to get pregnant for at least six months. This would allow my body to re-regulate. From there be patient and track fertility for at least a year before worrying. So when we figured out in March we were pregnant the emotional shock was certainly there, but of course very much blessed.

Because of COVID up to this point with my, maybe, 10 appointments/ultrasounds Jeff has not been able to attend. But coming July 21st will be our anatomy ultrasound appointment & they are (finally) allowing Jeff to come! Now, for some this appointment would be finding out the gender, but we chose to take early blood work during Week 13 and found out then. The reason we decided to do the blood work, is because it would also test our baby for any potential medical conditions and we wanted to have time to prepare to be the best parents. Good news, everything has come in normal thus far and everything has been going as smoothly as we think it could be.

First Trimester: Figured out we were pregnant in week 3. We had a few scares earlier on. From week 4-8 was having some spotting, cramps, and no noticeable symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness, tender breasts, cravings, etc). Because of this I was visiting with the ultrasound tech for nearly every week for those weeks as they considered me higher risk for a chance of miscarriage; also in fear that it was possible that my hormone levels weren’t adequately balanced since I was just taken off of birth control to continue to carry baby Roder. But through His love and plan officially and thankfully got out of high risk category in Week 13.

Second Trimester: We are in progress in this one folks. Today we are at 20 weeks, half way there! Things have certainly changed. Mentally more calm that we have made it to the second trimester, and the thankfulness and support thus far has been more than I thought I could feel. Also, more tired than normal. Physically, my body is changing daily. To this point I’ve gained about 10 pounds and see a baby bump for sure. Oh, and the cravings… they are now here! Cravings thus far: anything peanut butter, turkey burgers, hot chips, and ginger beer.

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