Glucose Test (3-Hour)

Okay, I will also be posting a third-trimester update soon, but did want to share while I have your attention… energy levels are at an all time low. Thought perhaps some of it was related to this lingering question about me having gestational diabetes, but (SPOILER) evidently that is not it.

Quick Glucose Test (1-Hour) summary: Took my 1-Hour Glucose blood work test last week. Come to find out I was slightly above what they had wanted me to be at. There was some confusion, on my side, on what I had in my notes for fasting time versus what the doctor said… which could have caused this test to come back higher. Nonetheless, the I was supposed to be between 70-135 for the 1-hour test, and my result came in at 154. Since I “failed” this test they wanted to ensure I didn’t in fact have gestational diabetes so they had me come back this week for a 3-Hour glucose test.

Glucose Test 3-Hour Process:

Before I even get started, should note if this is/will be you… I highly suggest making this appointment first thing in the morning, so that your fasting timing isn’t being offset out the gate.

Fasting: to start 10:30p the night before with only water leading to the appointment. Once you take the glucose drink NOTHING to enter the mouth for the duration of testing, and no activity… they legit asked me to sleep or read in the lobby between each blood draw. I chose reading & coming up with baby boy names.

What they had listed for me as goal numbers to achieve:

Pre-Glucose Drink (Fasting): 70-94

1-Hour Post Glucose Drink: 70-179

2-Hour Post Glucose Drink: 70-154

3-Hour Post Glucose Drink: 70-139

  • Before any of the tests start they pricked my finger to see what my glucose blood level was at before drawing actual blood. Evidently when you do this, if you’re already above the recommended pre-glucose drink results then they don’t bother will drawing the blood and report to the doctor the level. I am to assume this means you have gestational diabetes? I am not a doctor, but glad they did this so I didn’t waste hours of time going through this for nada.
  • After I was cleared with the finger prick, at 82, they did the first formal blood draw. This was pre-glucose drink. My results: 80 (photo below), should be between 70-94, sooooo PASS!
  • Then they had me drink glucola which is a high sugar drink. This flavor was like Orange Sunkist but JACKED on the sugar. The sugar is doubled from the 1-hour test, so totaled 100g of sugar. And just for reference, a cocoa-cola 12 ounce can has 39g. So, yeah this was definitely harder to put down the hatchet and to keep it there. But powered through. They gave me only 5-mins to drink it, they say don’t do it fast because it can shock the system, so I took the entire time. Oh and if you don’t keep it down, it was all for nothing… they have to redo the test another day… or at least that’s what she shared when I made the nastiest face LOL.
  • After the drink goes down you wait in the lobby for one-hour. Yup, bring a book
  • Then they draw blood after one-hour, to get the 1-hour glucose results. My result: 98 (photo below), should be between 70-179, PASS AGAIN!
  • Then back to waiting for another 1-hour. This time I was looking up baby names and decided to move locations away from other people, trying to avoid getting sick from people in/out the hospital. PS, new baby names were found but still we are TBD on this.
  • Then, they draw blood to get the 2-hour glucose results. My result: 100 (photo below), should be between 70-154, PASS Again… your girl is on fire!
  • Then , you guessed it back to waiting in the lobby for another hour to take the final blood draw. My result: 94 (photo below), should be between 70-139, PASS… wootie woot woot.

All results came in next day, but evidently depending on your doctor/hospital/place could be longer.

Based on the results all falling within the limits, it has been determined that I don’t have gestational diabetes. To be honest, I wish this on no one… pregnancy can be hard as-is trying to float working, with body changes, mood changes, energy changes, the whole works… having to monitor and track sugar and carb levels is an added stress.

They say though, to limit this that it helps to : stay active, keep a balanced diet as much as possible, have kids younger (whatever that means now a days!), and try to keep BMI (body mass index) in check.

I hope this was helpful!

Also HUGE thank you to all those who reached out to me with prayers, kind texts, suggestions, advice, etc. when I posted on IG that I was stressing after failing the 1-Hour test. I didn’t realize how common it is to fail the 1-hour and pass the 3-hour! Also, super kind for those who shared that you had gestational diabetes during your pregnancy , the food logs and advice that helped you through this process. It genuinely fills my heart with warmth at the love and support you have given to me (and I am sure other to be moms) , it does not go unnoticed. Thank you.

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