Baby Shower for Baby Roder!

If you know me well… you know that I am not a partier by any means… which funny enough the last two years has been Jeff and I celebrating a bunch of milestones and throwing parties frequently. I think having a baby shower is only for the first baby? If that’s true…. I think this is the last party we will be hosting to the masses?! Hey-oh! This isn’t to say I don’t love people because you all know I LOVE people… I think it’s more so the anxiety that goes into trying to throw a meaningful and fun party… finding time in balancing talking with everyone but also basking in the moment too… I don’t know if I do that well yet… Jeff does though, thank goodness! He definitely balances me out in more ways than one.

I’m babbling!

Baby Roder’s baby shower was just the greatest! Definitely a majority to thank to Gina and Mona who came up with the Winnie the Pooh themed party and who worked out EVERY detail from table clothes, to the elaborate cake, to gifts, flowers, balloons, party favors, prizes, GAMES! Both Gina and Mona were total sweethearts and have been a support system through this pregnancy process for sure. Both are boy mamas and have helped provide guidance and comfort, and for real jumped on the LET’S CELEBRATE RODER LIFE when the time came to thinking about the party!

Also a huge thanks goes to both my mom and Jeff’s provided food and drinks, and both were amazing and allowed people to just feel comfortable. P.S. a lot of people like Mediterranean food and it makes a perfect lunch buffet!

Here is a video to share the party!


The night before the baby shower I had another vivid dream with Baby Roder. In my dream I was talking to him in my stomach and he was telling me that he is ready to come out now. I told him that for him to be healthy and strong he needs to try to stay in there a little bit longer. When I woke up I felt like it was a real conversation/connection with him, like he knew it was his party day and he wanted to come and visit with people that were celebrating him. I can’t wait to show him how loved he was even before he was born. The amount of love he was showered with on Saturday was unreal! So grateful that the people we surround ourselves with are so full of love, support and kindness!

It has been truly surreal the last couple weeks with him… I feel we have bonded more. I don’t know if it’s because he is coming soon, or that he is so much bigger now than before to where I feel that he is baby size (size of a pineapple now), or what, but when people say they bond with their kids in pregnancy I am definitely starting to get it!

One thought on “Baby Shower for Baby Roder!”

  1. The shower beautifully captured the Winnie the Pooh theme. thanks to Mona and Gina and equally as beautiful, were all the lovely ladies who came to share and express their live for you and little baby Roder. Soon he will be here!!!!!!💙

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