Third-Trimester, It’s Game Time!

As of when I write this, we are at 30 weeks and 3 Days! Yes, that means we are now thinking COUNTDOWN!

With the glucose test results in and passing I have found that my anxiety is a lot more under control. To the mommas out there that have had this happen you are definition of true momma hero! I mean, as if thinking and preparing about a baby on the way isn’t enough, worrying about what to eat is one added stress for sure. Glad for us, with this baby, we are in the clear. This has brought focus to other things are preparing for!

Two weekends ago (9/11) we had the baby shower, as you may have already saw on another post :). Since then have really been going rogue on cleaning everything and anything. Baby clothes are washed, nursery is put in order, the thank you cards are out (still can’t believe how generous every one has been with this!), gifts are starting to be assembled in preparation for our little one! To be honest the cutest gift we received is this owl floor chair. I don’t know why but out of the things we got I can just picture him sitting in this chair at us as a baby. I thought I would get the feeling with the crib , but no folks a chair LOL.

Baby development…. Baby is estimated to be between 3lb-3 1/2 lbs. When we went in for our anatomy ultrasound they mentioned that our baby was slightly longer/taller and weighed more than babies at that stage… so have been curious when he comes what he will be weighed at. According to my app each week going forward he gains between 1/2 – 1lb. Let’s hope for my sake it’s 1/2 pound. This stomach has amazed me on how much it can stretch, but don’t need to stretching more than it needs too! I also learned, through this Ovia Pregnancy App, that the baby is now the length he will be at time of birth. I guess in the trimester the baby is gaining fat and weight, but stops growing in height. I hope he has his dad’s height by the way!

My body… to be honest I am still feeling great! I mean I am growing a human inside of me so definitely more tired in this trimester thank former ones, but all in all still staying active, staying within the weight limits the doctor has recommended and mood has been stable. I jokingly say to people who have asked me how I am doing that God really loves Jeff and he wants to bless him with more than one kid so he made sure this pregnancy was easy the first go-around ;). I do think there is some truth in that! But I will also say… Baby Roder has been (before we even got married) part of the long term plan and because of it any little annoyance related to cravings, cramps, sleep or whatever is easily overlooked and considered a blessing in our eyes, not an obstacle. Little guy was meant to be here with us and has made this all enjoyable for sure. Now, ask me my thoughts on my first pregnancy after labor… that’s the part that I am starting to think about now that we are about 9 weeks away!

Little things we are doing… now really making sure that we have everything we need. I have been stalking on Facebook Market place for diapers… a box at Costco is about $36/box. They say babies use on average 10 diapers/day. So in preparation for the first 6 months have been trying to stock up on enough diapers for stages “1,2 & 3” with a few boxes for each. So I have an alert on FBMP for whenever boxes are posted for $20 or less, and do same day porch pick up. Your girl is still thrifty LOL. But in all seriousness, we have time before he gets here so saving money when we can is a must!

Next up… is my doctor’s appointment Friday earlyyyy morning. (7am). I am with a new OBGYN. I guess the final trimester they have me weaving in new doctors so that in the event my doctor isn’t available when I go into labor that I would have met the whole OB staff. It’s all feeling definitely real that we are in the final weeks.

Alright 🙂 I think that’s enough for today. I hope this blog was at least fun to read and gives you a glimpse of what is going on over here in the Roder house. Until next time friends!

Upcoming Events:

  • Baby Preparation Class with Jeff in October
  • Nursing Class in October
  • Prepare Hospital bag
  • Prepare Baby Bag
  • TDAP shots
  • OB appoints start being bi-weekly after week 30
  • Await Baby Roder’s arrival!

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