Prenatal Baby Prep Classes

We are officially in Week 34! It seems like the time is both fast and slow… some days it feels as though I haven’t been pregnant long at all and that I should really be in the beginning phases; I think the little/no pregnancy symptoms have to do with this… some days seems long because by the end of next month we should have a healthy baby boy in our hands! Excitement grows with each kick and movement in my stomach.

Over the last two weeks we have taken two baby prep classes…

The first class: Was 8-hours and covered: what my body is doing in the final 10 weeks, when to know to go to the hospital, what to do to prevent early pregnancy and what to do to stimulate pregnancy, what to do to limit pain during contractions, what to expect when checking into the hospital, what nurses do in preparation and during labor, medications and pain relief when in labor, and post cure expectations. This class was extremely helpful! When we first heard how long it was both Jeff and I weren’t too thrilled, and wondered how we would sit for that long and if there is possibly that much to cover. Luckily we had am amazing nurse teach the class (Nurse Gayle), who is actually a OB/delivery nurse at the hospital we will be going to have Baby Roder. We are hoping to get her as our nurse and will definitely be asking for her. She made the class informative, fun and interactive. There were 5 other couples, all having babies between November & December 2021… so was exciting to share the moment with people who very soon would be parents along with us! As always Jeff amazed me on how in tune he was with everything, asking great questions and reminding me throughout the class how proud he was that I have made it look so easy this far. Side note: I do think genetically and through good graces have been blessed with how seamless this process has been for us, my body and my mind super clear and taking this so easily. I do think that Jeff and I are surrounded by SO much love and support, along with us both excited to become parents that this process has been easier as a result. When you want something, and you know the reward, the minor things don’t seem like a problem at all. If I am to be honest… leading up to this class I was low key starting to get anxious about going into labor. The main thought was wondering what is actually happening inside my body while “pushing” and knowing if my body can/will be able to do it. After this class, and learning what happens within the body during contractions, during initial labor, active labor and transitioning labor, now feel a lot more comfortable. Which was worth the 8 hour class alone 🙂 And would also like to share, that the woman’s body is amazing! What a great gift we have to be able to give life and for our bodies to naturally know what it should be doing!

The second class: Was 2 hours and covered: how to bathe the baby, how to swaddle the baby, how the baby should be sleeping (on back with no sheets or toys), breastfeeding and how to be successful in nursing and bottle feeding. This was a relatively quick class and again brought me comfort in knowing what my body should be doing, and how I can help Baby Roder along through the early stages of life! Jeff came along for this one, which I was surprised at! I didn’t know if this would be of interest to him so told him that he could sit out on this one, but that it would be nice to have his support and him there. Without hesitation he said he would come so he could pick up any tips he can to help where he can. Again, so blessed.

What’s up with baby: He is moving more now than ever. Anytime I drink or eat anything he will move around in my belly. I am pretty sure he knows differences in peoples’ voices because when he hears a new voice he tends to move around more as if he is trying to figure it all out. He is now the size of a cabbage, measuring about 19 inches and 5 pounds. From what the doctors share… he is running out of room so now more than ever should feel even his smaller movements. He is still very active, mostly after I finish with work and before bed. He does a good job with sleeping , his schedule similar to mine. I think a part of it is that I try to remain active and watch what I eat and the timing that I do… I hope this transitions into when he is born, fingers crossed!

What’s new with body: I definitely feel as big as ever, with some extra water weight in my face that I haven’t seen in some time. My pregnant belly is now definitely noticeable to others… Jeff and I went to Costco and a lady even mentioned her missing being pregnant and having an extra shelf to hold things on LOL. Energy during this last trimester has been at a lifetime low. I can go for a 20 minute walk and feel winded and ready for a nap. I haven’t been doing Peloton regularly for this reason and because clipping in/out of the shoes is quite the task. I have been giving myself more grace with what I can and cannot handle, and honoring my body when it needs to rest hoping that restoring it when it asks is helping Baby grow strong and healthy.

Estimated Due Date is still on track for 11/28 (ironically Jeff’s birthday). I have been getting so excited for him that I have been looking up first time mom delivery tables to give me hope for an early delivery. We are so beyond excited for our growing family. Nursery and everything we need is now in order just waiting for his arrival!

Love this photo of Jeff. He only dropped the baby one time (shaking my head LOL). It was so cute watching him swaddle the baby and holding the doll as if it were real, made me all the more excited.

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