Week 37 Check-In

Today is 37 + 6! I decided that I should write today since our little one can quite literally come at any time. Going to give a quick doctor update and then a quick story on what happened last night…

Once I hit 35 weeks I have been seeing the doctor weekly. From what my doctor shared with me there are two main reasons to see me, see how I am progressing along with the location of baby to my pelvic area, and to do the strep B testing. Strep B I guess is a bacterial infection that can be transferred to baby at birth, so they test for this at 35/36 weeks so they know if they need to give pregnant mommas antibiotics when checking in labor and delivery. Any way, test came negative which is great!

This week I was going into my weekly appointment (Thursday this week) thinking this was a regular appointment with nothing really to talk or have updates on because my belly still seems quite high, still with no contractions, and things seem to be “regular.” Was shocked to find out that our little one has in fact dropped into the pelvic region and per the doctor “you and Jeff should be ready any time because you can be in labor and delivery before next week’s appointment.” I just stared at the doctor for a few seconds to be honest because I didn’t even think that Baby Roder even dropped. The doctor showed me where our little one’s head , arms, back, butt and legs are (surprisingly his head was a lot lower than I thought based on movements)…. the doctor did follow up with sharing that first time babys sometimes hang out in this area for a while before they are actually ready but it’s not too early at this point to make sure the hospital bags are packed and we are ready at home. I left feeling so very excited! Emotionally have been feeling mixed feelings thinking I have been pregnant for what seems like forever, and within the same five minutes feeling like I just shared with family that I was pregnant. Ironically Thursday evening was the first time I had a contraction. I don’t even know how really to describe it except for extremely painful for the 3 seconds it lasted. Made me a little worried, since pain is not something I’ve been good at and per our pregnancy class could last up to 30 seconds to a minute when in active labor.

Fast forward, yesterday (Friday)…. Jeff and I decided to do a date night. Went out to dinner and followed up with a movie. This was the first time that I have been in a “loud” environment. For sure live a more “quiet” life. I like the TV low in volume, don’t like to be around loud noises and/or people in general. I say this because Baby Roder was quite alarmed yesterday, and wasn’t even something I thought about until the movie started and he was in full combat motions inside my belly. I rubbed him throughout the movie in an effort to relax him, but definitely think it sped things up last night. Left with baby super active, more frequent contractions, and my body just in a bit of shock. Last night was a bit restless with very little sleep and today… we will see what we have in store.

Estimated due date is 11/28 (Sunday). Today is 11/13 (Saturday). Jeff and my boss are hoping I can make it through the end of this week before delivering to have work things in a good spot, but not entirely sure little one is going to hold on…. we will see!

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