In Labor (Week 38 Day 2 & 3)

Well! The news is out! We have officially delivered our little one, but now that we are settled in thought I’d catch up where we left off!

Tuesday, November 16th, around midnight I started to get strong lower abdominal pain. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what was going on, my initial thought was that I ate something that upset my stomach and was having trouble digesting. As the morning/night progressed the pain started to intensify. By 3:30am, I was crouched over the bed trying to do hit rotations to relax my lower body when Jeff woke up, with me nearly in tears.

As Jeff worked with me on my breathing we started to track the pain to find out that what I was experiencing were contractions. Now, I know this may seem like an obvious thing to identify, but up to this point of pregnancy didn’t have Braxton Hicks or contractions. These contractions started at about every 5 minutes for 20-30 seconds, then to every 2-5 minutes for 30-60 seconds. From our pregnancy class, that when we are within 2-4 minutes lasting more than 30 seconds and lasts for at least an hour in this cycle it is usually the time to go to the hospital. This was achieved by 6:30am. We checked in, and by 8am was in a room with nurses and resident doctor checking where I was for effacement and dilation. To our surprise, given the pain I was in… I was only 1cm dilated but effaced at 50%. Because of the hospital’s protocols, they don’t induce early labor until Week 39. Because of this they determined that they would wait out my contractions for 4 hours, and determine if I would be admitted or not. 4 hours later we were at 1.5 cm dilated and 90% effacement. This put the doctors in a predicament because my effacement was progressing so fast. Their solution was to allow me to get morphine, stay 4 more hours to see if the dilation had changed to at least 3cm, if not would be sent home. 4 more hours passed and I was at 2cm. They talked with Jeff and I about possibly sending me home. For the amount of pain I was in we told them that our preference would be to stay so I can have medication for me to handle the pain. Even the morphine wasn’t strong enough for me during these contractions. Looking over at the contraction screen too… were peaking past the highest pain measurement on the screen. During this time, the nurse suggested that I walk around the room, bounce on the exercise ball, and do what I could to help self-induce labor. During this 2-4 hour period was desperate to get things moving, so Jeff and I did what they recommended as well as did squats to help induce labor. Around 6pm (I think, it is still somewhat of a blur) they measured me at 5cm dilated and 90% effacement). Officially was admitted as being in labor and staying.

As the night progressed, things from this point forward started moving more quickly. At around 10pm was given an epidural. That was a total game-changer. Once I had the epidural it was a HUGE relief off of the pain, and I could rest and relax. I had intermittent naps from 10pm-5am. At 5am, on Wednesday (November 17th), they measured me at 7cm dilated and the epidural took the edge off the pain but there was little sleeping from that point forward. By 8am I was at 9cm dilated. By 9am the doctor decided to break my water. At around 10:40am I started pushing, and at 11:07am we delivered Easton Jeffrey Roder! The nurses boosted my mood by sharing that the average woman pushes for 2-3 hours before delivering, but I was under 30 minutes!

I’ve recovered quite well, requiring just a couple stitches and baby is doing even better! Gaining weight and the most handsome baby I’ve ever seen (I know I am quite biased).

Easton Jeffrey Roder, born at 6 pounds 14 ounces & 19.25″ tall.

One thought on “In Labor (Week 38 Day 2 & 3)”

  1. Que bella!!!!! Such a gift from the universe. Sending lotsa love and continued well wishings to a beautiful new full family!!

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