Lisa Bradley (National Parks)


Sunday: Front Royal, VA US-522 → Gravel Springs Hut = 13 miles

Monday: Gravel Springs Hut → Pass Mountain Hut = 13 miles

Tuesday: Pass Mountain Hut → Byrds Nest Shelter #3 = 5 miles

Wednesday: Byrds Nest Shelter #3 → Big Meadows Campground = 15 miles

Thursday: Big Meadows Campground → Big Meadows Wayside = 3 miles

*Insert break from the Trail.  Not part of our plans, but the weather (39 degrees with 20 mph winds and 100% chance of rain on Friday) and our growing aches and pains warranted a break.  Listen to your bodies, people. Luckily, we were able to call our good friend, Stanimal, who picked us up at the Wayside and took us to his hostel until Saturday morning.  

Friday: While still enjoying a break we were able to explore the area.  Oh, and it did pour throughout the day, so we were thankful to be out of the elements.  Notable stops: Veritas Winery and Blue Mountain Brewery.

Saturday: Pinefield Hut → Blackrock Hut = 13 miles

Sunday: Blackrock Hut → Rockfish Gap = 20 miles (this day was supposed to be 13mi Sunday followed by 7 on Monday, but why not push through and finish!)