$40 for Your First AirBnB Stay

$40 for Your First AirBnB Stay

As many of you know I am an advocate of using hostels, since they allow a community experience, and have led me to many friendships along my international journeys.

For those of you who continue to roll your eyes to that idea, a safer alternative is to jump on board to the AirBnB train. Below are 5 suggestions based on popular questions I get. For those who want to try the AirBnB experience you can register for $40 off a $70 (or more booking) using the link below. Yes, $30 for a night stay, whaaaatt!

$40 Discount Code

How do I find a high quality home for the cheapest price?

Easy! Follow the steps for how to do it on your mobile device below:

Click the explore tab on the bottom of the app

  • Select the explore tab on the bottom
  • Select the dates you are planning to leave
  • Select the number of people (generally, it’s more expensive for each person)
  • Enter in the search bar the place you’re going
  • Select filters on the top menu bar
    • Adjust your price range
    • Enter the criteria that interests you-  I always check “super host” & “free parking on premise”
      • Super host means the host you’ve selected have been favorably ranked, have hosted a min. of 10 guests, have been rated 5 stars by at least 80%, and have had a response time of 90% or better within 24-hours

What is the average cost per night?

*Speaking for 1-2 people stays

Obviously location means everything. For smaller cities I never pay more than $40/night (before fees and tax). For larger cities, or on the weekends I increase this to $60. If I am going over that amount is when I start using my hotel apps for discounts.

Are Airbnb’s safe? 

Of the over 30 stays I’ve gone on have I never felt unsafe. And some of those times I have been traveling alone. I always do my research before booking, of course, which includes finding which neighborhoods are safest. In terms of leaving my belongings, I have always felt they were safe in the rooms/places I was staying. For safe keeping I know a few of my friends lock their suitcases before leaving  any of their personal belongings.

Please, read the reviews!

I can’t tell you how thankful I have been for always reading the reviews before booking. I focus in on cleanliness, quality, and location. If those three things are favorable for the last 5 reviews I feel comfortable in booking a lower cost home.  It’s in these reviews you’ll find the truth. Know, that reviews are not posted until both people have left a review on each other. So there is some biases in what’s posted. Easily, a host won’t review someone if they feel the person won’t leave a favorable review. 

That said, one time I read a review for this college student who was renting her home in Pittsburg. I generally support the college students… paying off student debt is no joke! Anyway, someone left a comment about she and her boyfriend arriving after going to the bar at around 3am. They were welcomed with people in the streets dealing drugs and people blaring music. The couple decided they didn’t feel comfortable and did not stay. It’s insight and reviews like that, that will indicate stuff about where you’re staying, and will help you make safer decisions.

Book early, or your loss!

This AirBnb hype has caused little supply and a lot of demand. I recommend tracking/saving your favorite places at least a month in advance, and booking no later than a week before your trip. I have found three days before the day you’re looking to book is when everyone decides to book. Unfortunately for me I learned this the hard way and ended up having to book a hotel a couple times because there were no available homes I liked, costing my trips an additional $40/night.

I hope these tips help you in your endeavors! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any additional questions, it’d be my pleasure to help answer!

$40 Discount Code!




Abbey Court Hostel, Downtown Dublin

Abbey Court Hostel, Downtown Dublin

On this trip my most common question was how and why do I stay at a hostel. The answer is really quite simple… it is the cheapest way to stay somewhere, generally is safer since surrounded by many people, and because it is a great way to meet new people from all over the world.

Trust me I have had my fair share of bad hostels, but I have found recently that trusting in the ratings by people who stay at hostels has been to my benefit, even if for a little more per night, for the stay.

My Rating:

I would rate this hostel a 10/10! Nothing negative to say!

I highly recommend to anyone staying in Dublin to stay at the Abbey Court Hostel!


The hostel is located near the city center, and in walking distance to nearly everything, including all the tourism agencies, so that you can make best use of your free time!

29 Bachelors Walk, North City, Dublin, D01 AX90, Ireland


Each night at the hostel was 94 euros (~$110) for 6 nights, approx. $18USD/night.


The hostel was very clean! They have signs throughout the hostel noting that they clean between 10pm-5am. All the bathroom, toilets, and showers, were extremely sanitary. Although they didn’t have cleaning signs up for day cleaning it was evident someone was keeping up with general maintenance throughout the day.

Number of Bathrooms & Showers:

Each floor had 3 general bathrooms, and at least 6 showers. The only time I found it difficult to get in was around breakfast time at 7:30am.


The cost per night also included breakfast each morning served at 7:30am. My recommendation is arrive about 15 mins early so that you can get dibs on the fresh and best food available. Choices included: cereal, fresh meats, cheeses, pancakes, oatmeal, and fruits.


  • All women bunk options:  I stayed in 10-bunk room. It was actually quite nice as all the girls were extremely respectful of space, and turning off the lights early at night, and quiet when leaving each morning.
  • Luggage Drop- Off: if you are in between places, or you arrived earlier than the check-in time you can leave your luggage at the front desk for 8 euros.
  • Free Walking Tours: This hostel, among some others, had free walking tours daily generally with two time options, 11am and 2:30p
  • Lots of Common Areas: This hostel had a smoking section that was nicely decorated that had some outdoor access located near the basement of the building, a study area with access to the Internet for free, and a large kitchen area where people often played games, met for dinner etc.